Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Cars' & 'The Incredibles' Now Available on Blu-ray!

It seems like only yesterday I was announcing that Pixar's Cars and The Incredibles would be coming to astounding Blu-ray high definition on April 12 (Cars now on a second edition Blu-ray, but The Incredibles for the first time ever). Time flies and they've already hit store shelves!

The new Cars Blu-ray is basically the same as the one that was released back in 2007, except that you can now watch Mater and the Ghostlight (co-directed by Dan Scanlon, director of Monsters University) in HD, and it comes with a free admission (only up to $8.50) for the sequel, Cars 2! Also, you can now enjoy the new cover art, which matches the Toy Story and Toy Story 2 re-releases from last year.

At last, the wait is over, and we finally get to see what has probably been Pixar's most action-packed film in glorious Blu-ray high-definition! Also, you can now enjoy a whole bunch of new 'Incredible' bonus features, alongside all your favorite original DVD extras! One of these new features is New Nomanisan Island. Ever wondered what happened to the island that used to be Syndrome's hideout after the villain was defeated? Well, this new bonus will surely answer your question! The Incredibles Blu-ray also comes with a coupon to watch Cars 2 this summer!

So if you're interested in buying either (or both) of these new releases, act now, before they all get sold out!

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