Monday, April 4, 2011

Viral Campaign Video for Cars 2--New Footage!!

Watch this awkward, yet funny, ad here.
The video you just saw may look like another boring old commercial for car dealership at first, but it is actually more than is part of Pixar's campaign to promote Cars 2! It is similar to last year's Lots-O-Huggin' Bear ads (which you can view here and here), and is actually quite funny. I had a few chuckles myself while watching it. The first time you watch this "Sale-A-Bration" advertisement you might wonder, "How on Earth is this related to Cars 2?" But after watching it again, you may start to catch a couple of Pixar references! The first (obvious) one is that this "Cars N' Deals" place is in Emeryville, California, the same city where Pixar's main campus is located. If you knew this already, you probably caught this reference the first time through. The next reference is the old A113--which appears in every single Pixar feature, and makes an appearance in this video on one of the cars' license plates. The last (but definitely not least) reference is found near the end of the commercial, and is surely the biggest reference of them all, as it will lead you to discovering a clip of all-new Cars 2 footage!! I will not say exactly how to find this is a lot more fun finding it on your own! So put your secret agent skills to the test, and find the top-secret footage!
(Hint: Pause the video somewhere near the end, OR call the phone number that appears on the screen while the "Cars N' Deals" jingle plays.)

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