Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simply Spectacular 'Cars 2' Triptych!

Wow. That was all I could say when I first saw this astounding poster in form of a triptych promoting Cars 2. I sat there observing all the detail that was put into it, and I was blown away. It explains what Cars 2 will be in simply one poster. I'm pretty sure it has all the new characters that have been revealed so far, and even some old friends are hiding in their somewhere. I saw the Radiator Springs folks (Sally, Ramone, Flo, Red, Sheriff, Mack, and Lizzie) somewhere in the London section. I love how this poster focuses on both the action-packed spy movie theme of the film, along with the 'traveling the world' theme. Dang, Pixar is good, not only with their movies, but with their posters! June 24 is coming closer...

(View or download this awesome Cars 2 triptych poster in high-resolution here.)

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