Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Facts and Stats on the Cars 2 Triptych

Soon after the spectacular Cars 2 triptych poster was released on Thursday, there was a set of facts all about the miraculous piece of art. I had wondered, since it was so incredibly detailed, how long it had taken to make. Turns out, the the triptych took 5 months to complete! That's nearly half a year!

Featured Characters

Tokyo: 130 posed characters, 2 simulated crowds
London: 145 posed characters, simulated traffic
Italy: 140 posed characters, simulated crowds
TOTAL: 415 posed characters


Total Shots: 20 cameras and locations per poster = 60 individual shots
Total Staff: 20-25 people: CS TDs, layout artists, master lighters, matte painters, simulation TDs
Total Time to Complete: 5 months

Also, view separate cuts of the triptych here.

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