Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Cars 2 Review

On Friday, I was super excited to finally be watching Cars 2, and I am happy to say it that this film is no disappointment! Read my spoiler-free review on the film below!

When John Lasseter was travelling the world doing publicity for the first Cars, he had cars as characters in his brain, and he couldn't help but think, "What would Mater do here?" Cars 2 sprang from that idea of the cars travelling around the world. The international aspect of the film is definitely present when you watch Cars 2. You certainly see it when Mater mistakes wasabi for pistachio ice cream, and in his mishap at the high-tech Japanese toilet. Cars 2, I think, is a movie that everyone the world over can enjoy, especially because it goes global. The people of Japan, France, Italy, and England will feel proud to see their countries up on the big screen as part of this big spy film.

While this movie lacks the heavy emotion of previous Pixar works, it is still very fun and extremely exciting. I was on the edge of my seat for a lot of the film, just like how I was crying for the last fifteen minutes of Toy Story 3. This animated spy flick actually gets pretty intense for a G-rated fact, it's probably the most violent G-rated movie I've ever watched! The action is very exhilarating, and I was actually chewing my fingernails at one point. Not to mention, all the explosions look amazing, especially on the big screen in 3D! Even though it won't make you tear up like Up or Toy Story 3, Cars 2 still brings an important message of friendship.

The look of Cars 2 is absolutely spectacular. Pixar has continued to make each of their movies even more dazzling than their previous effort. From all of the colorful neon lights in Tokyo and their reflections imprinted on the bodies of the cars, to massive crowds at the World Grand Prix, and massive explosions, Cars 2 is one of the most stunning films so far this year.

Michael Giacchino once again succeeds in composing a score that supports the story. He even inserted a really catchy theme that shows up here and there throughout the film. Also, the songs that various artists contributed are quite catchy!

Cars 2 succeeds in being quality family entertainment, and also a very awesome spy film. I think that the reason that critics aren't liking it as much is because since it was made by Pixar, they were expecting something as good as Finding Nemo or Toy Story 3. But Cars 2 was a very fun sequel, I enjoyed it, and so did many other people. For me it was a joy seeing these characters back in a really exciting adventure, and I loved meeting a bunch of these remarkable new characters. Needless to say, Pixar is yet to fail, because Cars 2 is a success in its own way.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is an excellent review!

Anonymous said...

Still haven't seen it but want to really bad!!!! :(