Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finding Nemo 3D TV Spot: "My Son"

With Pixar's classic Finding Nemo hitting theaters in 3D next month, Disney has released the first TV spot advertising the film's 3D re-release.

Check it out here:

The closer Finding Nemo 3D gets, the more my excitement grows. I absolutely loved Nemo when I first saw it in 2003 (I remember seeing it twice in theaters), so I am hyped to relive the experience of seeing it on the big screen once again, as I am sure many fans are.

Finding Nemo 3D arrives September 14.

(via A113Animation)

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King said...

i enjoyed the movie.. it was a picture perfect ... scenario :P .. it was amazing ... to watch it again .. in the big screens that to in 3D oh yeah \m/