Friday, August 17, 2012

Monsters University: First Posters

Anticipation is growing for next year's prequel to the Pixar classic, Monsters, Inc., which takes monsters Michael Wazowski and James P. Sullivan back to their days in college, when they weren't exactly the inseparable duo shown in the original film.

An Argentinian movie poster website named Cine 1 recently debuted two high-resolution posters for the upcoming Monsters University, along with the banner seen at the top.

The posters showcase Mike and Sulley showing off their very best scary monster poses for the camera. Now the question is...who is the scarier monster here? I can see how this could lead to a typical rival vs. rival argument between the two monsters in the film, but I'm sure the creative minds at Pixar will have come up with a much more clever and entertaining reason for them to quarrel.

The amount of detail shown in these two fairly simple posters is also unbelievable. Sulley's fur looks absolutely breathtaking, miles ahead of what was seen in the original Monsters (which at the time happened to be ground-breaking), and if you look closely you can see that Mike's cap looks a bit damaged, almost as if someone had taken a small bite out of it. You can also clearly see the large retainer in his mouth.

Monsters University enrolls in theaters June 21, 2013.

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