Friday, August 17, 2012

New 'Partysaurus Rex' Clip

A 40-second clip from the new Toy Story Toon has been posted onto the official Disney/Pixar YouTube channel.

This short sneak peek at Partysaurus Rex sets the stage for what we can expect to see in the new Toon. Rex, wanting to shake up his reputation a little bit, helps the bathtub toys (who all lack arms and limbs) get their "party" started by filling up the tub with water and, of course, bubbles! The dried-out bathtub quickly becomes the stage for a bright, loud, and colorful bubble-filled rave! Watch the exhilarating clip below.

I'm already loving the sound of BT's score for the short, and cannot wait to see it in action next month when the new Toon arrives with Nemo 3D. Speaking of Finding Nemo, the starfish seen jumping into the tub in the clip has striking resemblance to Peach the starfish.

This short film also happens to be the second Pixar short scored by Grammy-nominated musician BT, who previously did the music for Tokyo Mater.

Partysaurus Rex premieres September 14 alongside Finding Nemo 3D!

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