Friday, June 14, 2013

Monsters University Opening a Day Early In Select Theaters

Well, folks, the wait is almost over. Monsters University is officially now just one week away. In fact, for many people it may already be less than one week away, because Disney is treating fans and releasing the anticipated prequel one day ahead of time in select theaters across the United States and Canada, allowing die-hard aficionados of the franchise to enjoy Pixar's latest feature 24 hours prior to the "official" release date.

Most theaters will be screening the film Thursday evening, so if you live in the US or Canada, check your local movie theater's showtimes for June 20th, and catch Mike and Sulley's return to the big screen this Thursday, and don't forget to brag to your friends the following day about how you've already seen it.


Adam K said...

will it be like this in the UK? like, opening a day early or having advance screenings?

Al said...

Hi Adam,
I'm not sure if they'll be screening the film a day prior to opening day in the UK, but keep checking your local theater's showtimes just in case!