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The Luxo Limelight - Issue #2: Simoa Barros

Welcome back to The Luxo Limelight! You're in for a special issue today, as I recently was lucky enough to interview the lovely Simoa Barros, whose home is currently located in Boston, USA. She has quite a bit to share about how Pixar has changed her life, so read on, you will not regret it.


What is your favorite Pixar film? What is your favorite Pixar short film?
The Incredibles and Your Friend the Rat!

Who is/are your favorite Pixar character(s)? How do you relate to them? 
Ellie is my favorite Pixar character. I love her to death, and I mean it, she means so much to me. I can definitely relate to Ellie as a young girl, because I was the same way! I had (have) a lot of hair, was very outgoing and in your face like she was, but was still gentle and friendly. In fact, I don't think much has changed.

Who is your favorite Pixarian, and how do they inspire you?
Brad Bird and Pete Docter are tied. I'm inspired by the way Brad kept pursuing his dream in the industry despite all the setbacks and challenges he faced, and though he felt he couldn't balance work and family life (a lot like Bob Parr), he overcame those struggles and was finally able to do what he loved and be appreciated for it. Pete inspires me with his lack of pretension and general sincerity. But I should add that all of the Pixarians inspire me, because of their sheer dedication and commitment to story. They inspire me to be a better storyteller, to really connect with my characters and to care. If I don't, the audience won't. 

How and when did you first come to be a Pixar fanatic?
Though I've been a fan since childhood, I became a fanatic in May of 2010, when I saw Up for the first time. It's one of the films that changed my life, it introduced me to Ellie, and it definitely made me want to consume everything Pixar. May 27th, 2012 was the day I saw it in theaters, so it all came full circle in a way. 

On a scale of 1 to Mike when he sees himself on TV, how excited are you for "Monsters University"?
Definitely Mike seeing himself on TV. I actually think it's the only movie this year that I'm really, really looking forward to. 

Is it a dream of yours to work for Pixar? If so, what sort of job would you like to have there?
Yes! I'm a writer, so ideally, I'd love to do that. I should mention though that while working there is a dream, I'm totally fine with just visiting too.

How do friends and family react to your love for the studio?
They find it endearing. I'm known as the Pixar girl, and they've gotten used to my ranting and raving!

Try to explain the feeling of seeing a Pixar film, feature-length or short, for the very first time in just three words.
It is... unlike anything else. 

Pixar's films teach us many valuable life lessons. Can you recall a particular time when you implemented any of these lessons into your life? Which moral lesson showcased in a Pixar film resonates with you the most?
I can't say if there have been specific times where I've implemented those lessons, but I've found that they help me out in general. For example, my only limit being my soul is something I need to be continuously reminded of. The lesson found in Up resonates with me the most. I think I relate to Carl in some ways. I believe Pete Docter based Carl on himself and his own experiences, and just wanting to get away from people and the world. That's me as well. But Ellie draws Carl out of himself. This is true even when she's gone. He wants so much to bring the house to Paradise Falls for her, and to break out of the routine his life has become, and also to rebel! But Ellie teaches us all that adventures aren't necessarily grand things. They can be deceptively ordinary, like everything in her adventure book. I want to be able to live my life in such a way, to love and to make the most of every moment and day. Sometimes it seems impossible, especially amidst the routine and the mundane, but it is something I treasure. And it is something that Carl learns as well.

You are in argument with someone who claims Pixar is overrated. How do you convince them otherwise?
Well, I'm not sure I'd be convincing at all. And the boring answer is that I don't care if people find Pixar overrated, because I'm going to love those films regardless. Lots of people are! But, what I would say is this: just because something is mainstream or popular doesn't mean it is overrated. It gets so boring reading about how a select few have better taste than the rest of us because they don't like something that everyone else does. And what exactly about Pixar doesn't deserve the universal praise it has received? These are sincere stories and characters. There's a spirit of storytelling at Pixar that delights in imagination and imagination is never overrated. Imagination needs to be nurtured, and not just for children either. Pixar appeals to both children and adults, despite some wrongly believing that Pixar films are for children only. Sharing stories that inspire and resonate can never be overrated.

Pixar have created something of a legacy for themselves ever since they began back in 1986. What part of said legacy do you hope the studio holds on to for as long as they are in existence?
Story is king. I hope they hold onto that, and I think they will. Whether they're producing sequels or original films, I think that dedication to story will always be there, as well as the timeless lessons. And I hope they continue making the films they want to see, not worrying about fickle movie and audience trends

If you could say something, anything, to the founders of Pixar right now, what would it be?
Thank you. (And please let me visit).


Now, before you go rushing off to your weekly Friday festivities, do not forget to visit Simoa's astounding blog, Animated Holiday - there are a good number of insightful pieces on there! Also, follow her on Twitter at @Princess_Merida, and stop by her fabulous Tumblr blog Pixar Heroines, dedicated to the studio's remarkable leading ladies. And of course, if you too are a Pixar fanatic and would like to have the Luxo Limelight shone upon you, just remember send me an email at

Thanks for tuning in, and come back next Friday for Issue #3 of The Luxo Limelight!

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