Friday, June 28, 2013

The Luxo Limelight - Issue #5: Adam Wells

Here we are once again, on a lovely Friday, with the sixth issue of The Luxo Limelight! This week, meet Adam Wells, a Pixar fanatic from Cambridge, England, who chose to, instead of doing an interview, write his own piece telling just why he loves the studio the way he does, and how it all came to be. Please, read his short essay, you will not regret it!


Put simply, I just think that Pixar are the greatest film studio of all time, let alone the greatest animation studio. Their films are undeniably beautiful, they will make me smile whatever mood I am in, and they respect their fans with all their references in the background, without alienating 'casual' viewers. I have grown up with Pixar (Toy Story came out two years before I was born, A Bug's Life in the year I was born). One of my earliest memories is going to watch Monsters, Inc. in the cinema. Now, apparently, whenever I went to cinemas before that, I was one of those annoying kids who never shut up. But watching that film, I was silent throughout the whole thing. Pixar had managed to engross the annoying, four-year-old me, so much that I apparently didn't even take a bite of my popcorn, as I simply didn't want to miss any of the film. Since then, Pixar have brought me happiness in the bad times, joy in the good times, and have helped me find friends in fellow Pixar fans when I have needed it most. And now, Pixar are making a prequel to the film that started it all for me; I hope to see Monsters University as soon as it comes out (which is later here, due to delays, boo), and, whilst almost everyone is saying "Well, I don't think it will be good, too many sequels, blah blah blah", I just wait for the film to come out, so that it is proved, once again that Pixar are the most consistently reliable studios it there.

P.S. I say I was engrossed by Monsters, Inc., but I think the thing that made me pay attention was For the Birds. Still my favorite Pixar film and Pixar short. I'm glad I started there.


Pretty deep, huh? Big thank you to Adam for sending in his fantastic piece, and hey, maybe now you're feeling inspired to send an email to saying you'd like to be the next participant in The Luxo Limelight! Everyone is qualified, so long as you are a diehard Pixar geek.

Tune in once again next week for Issue #6 of The Luxo Limelight!

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