Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cars 2: The Video Game!

Cars 2: The Video Game hits store shelves on June 21, and some people are making as big of a fuss for the game as they are for the movie.

Often the video games based on films aren't exactly very good, but last year, Pixar teamed up with Avalanche to try and break that curse. The Toy Story 3 video game was incredible, and is one of the best movie-based video games I've ever known.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game was the first game that Pixar did with Avalanche, and since it was a big success, the two companies have teamed up again for the Cars 2 video game! Starting with Toy Story 3, Pixar was highly involved in the creation of the video games based on their movies, and as a result, the TS3 game was a big improvement over previous Pixar games.

Cars 2: The Video Game is set after the events of Cars 2. Players get the chance to train to become a spy at CHROME, which stands for Command Headquarters for Reconnaisance Operations and Motorized Espionage. This game is the perfect combination of an awesome racing game and a spectacular action-adventure game. Cars 2: The Video Game also features all the great characters from the film.

Watch the two trailers for the video game below:

Be sure to check out the "Developer Diaries":

Get your hands all over Cars 2: The Video Game on June 21, three days before the film comes out!

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