Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Contrasts in Pixar Characters

One of the things I love most about Pixar is how they create huge contrasts between their characters. Yet somehow, these two "opposites" always end up forming a really close relationship. Here are some examples...

Woody & Buzz What's the opposite of a cowboy ragdoll with a pullstring? A bulky space-man action figure with fancy gadgets!

Sulley & Mike What's the opposite of a tall, hairy, blue, and somehow intimidating monster? A tiny, green, one-eyed creature!

McQueen & Mater What's the opposite of a red, sleek, and shiny racecar? A rusty, buck-teethed hillbilly tow truck!

WALLE & EVE What's the opposite of an old, cubed, trash-compacting machine on wheels? A sleek, high-tech, hovering robot!

Carl & Russell What's the opposite of a grumpy, widowed, old man? An energetic, talkative and eager 8-year-old boy!

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