Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pixar Phase II: Officially Open for Business!

On Friday, May 6th, 2011, Pixar's new "Phase II" building (internally referred to as "Brooklyn") officially opened! Pixarians are now presumably working away in the beautiful new building. As I mentioned before, those films closer to their release dates will remain in the old building, and those ones that still have a while to go until they are unleashed to the world will be transferred to Brooklyn. Phase II has several familiar features on the interior, including a screening room/theater (110 seats included), a cafĂ© (just like in the main building), fancy recording eqipment, and a game room (duh).

It sure sounds like the new building is just as awesome as the original one! Hopefully we'll get some images from the inside of Brooklyn in the years (or months) to come!

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Anonymous said...

hey ... i am a architectural student persuing my thesis on animation hub..The info u have put up on the blog was of great help. i am looking for plans of animation studios. i was wondering if u could help me wid plans of the main building of pixar and a few more interior photos of the phase 2 building.