Friday, June 24, 2011

Cars 2 Brings Awesome Stuff To The Big Screen

Today at 1:00 pm, I caught the first IMAX 3D screening of Cars 2 at my local theater, and it was AWESOME...honestly. It was an even better experience watching it in IMAX, which made it look absolutely spectacular.

I was disappointed that the teaser trailer for Brave was not shown infront of the screening I went to of Cars 2. Now I need to wait until it's released on the web. [groan]

Cars 2 was exactly what I expected it to be...a fun, action-packed spy thriller, that happens to star Mater and Lightning McQueen. It may not be as emotional as previous Pixar films, such as Toy Story 3 and Up, but that's because it wasn't meant to be that. As many people have stated, Cars 2 may not be Pixar's best, but it is still a very entertaining movie. Even Pixar's worst can be way better than what a lot of other studios release.  It is definately tied with The Incredibles for Pixar's most action-packed movie.

I'll have my full review on Cars 2 up on the blog later on this weekend. And as for Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation, it was absolutely hilarious!

So should you take the time to watch Cars 2? Answer: Heck yes.


Anonymous said...

Can you watch the hawaiian trip short online?

Al said...


Sorry, the short film is playing only in theaters with Cars 2 for now. It will be on the Cars 2 DVD/Blu-ray.

However, there is a 30-second clip on the web. You can watch it here: