Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebrating Toy Story 3

Today is June 18. Doesn't that date bring back some great memories from last year? Exactly one year ago, the highly anticipated Toy Story 3 hit theaters. It was the heroic return of Woody, Buzz, and the gang. After not seeing them in a film for 11 years, the world was delighted to have them back. Toy Story 3 made the world laugh hysterically, told a wonderful story with lots of action, and most importantly, touched the hearts of millions. The film grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide, and became the highest grossing film of 2010, and the highest grossing animated film ever. Toy Story 3 then went on to win Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song at the 83rd Academy Awards. After all this, Toy Story 3 beacame known as simply a treasure, and a lovely gift to the planet. Thank you Pixar, for Toy Story 3.

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