Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Logo For Pixar Corner!

As you have probably seen, Pixar Corner now has an all new logo! It was creatively designed by my friend Paul Robin. As you can see, the new logo has the iconic Pixar rubber ball in the corner of a room, which, of course, represents Pixar Corner. I hope you like this new original logo just as much as I do!

A very special thanks to Paul Robin for designing the new logo! Also, please leave your thoughts and opinions on what you think about this new logo in the comments section!


Paul Robin said...

Al, Your blog is great! I had fun doing the logo and feel privileged to have it up on Pixar Corner. Lets do more adventures soon!

Mike Nuy said...

COOL!!! Al, its me Mike!
I really like your logo!
Keep up the awesome work!!!

Temert said...