Thursday, June 9, 2011

New La Luna Poster, Still, Clip

We heard a month ago about a new short film that Pixar has been working on, entitled La Luna. We had only gotten a small sneak peek with a still and a synopsis, until this week. A few new things have debuted on the web, including a beautiful and creative poster (seen above), a still, and even a clip!

The still is truly gorgeous. It's amazing what you can create when you put a bunch of talented artists together. Check out the clip here at AWNtv, and get a little glimpse of what type of story La Luna will tell.

Hopefully we'll get to see La Luna next year with Brave, but only time will see when we will get to see this nice little Pixar tale!


Mike Nuy said...

I love Pixar's short films!
I just can't wait to see this one
I have one question: Where do you learn all these interesting facts?
Is it like a Pixar newspaper for bloggers?

Anonymous said...

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