Thursday, March 1, 2012

Archery in Brave is Incredibly Authentic

One might think that, when making an animated movie like Brave, and having an archery scene like the one from last week's trailer, you could just make the arrows end up wherever they're supposed to. Despite this, the creative masterminds at Pixar took the archery to the extreme, and went through hours of what was probably some extremely tiresome research, just to make the way in which the characters shoot their arrows as authentic as possible.

Apparently their efforts paid off, as an archery teacher recently pointed out on Wired.

"It’s obvious that the filmmakers have taken considerable care to get the details right, which helps to make the story more believable and exciting. This makes total sense when you consider that the film was originally titled The Bow and the Bear."

Well, it was actually titled "The Bear and the Bow", not "The Bow and the Bear", but that's not the point.

The writer looks into each of the archers' ways of shooting the arrows, and tells us that they are "making the actual mistakes that beginners and self-taught archers make."

More proof that Pixar always makes its films the absolute best quality possible.

Watch last week's trailer/clip here:

Be sure to read the whole article, as the author makes some very insightful observations. Brave takes aim at theaters on June 22!

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