Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monsters University Fan Art!

Pixar is always inspiring artists all around the world to make their own creative, unique, fantastic masterpieces. A Pixar fan from Brazil named Luis Saguar recently took it upon himself to create some pretty amazing art, inspired by Pixar's upcoming prequel, Monsters University.

Luis first created the logo below, based on the design of the t-shirt that Jeff Pidgeon was wearing in a picture from an earlier post.

Later, he used this logo and put together some fantastic fan-made teaser posters (seen at the top) for Monsters U, and even made his own tagline for the film: "We Scare Because We Know How To"

My favorite is probably the orange one with Mike and Sulley, but all three are spectacular. Which one do you like best?

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1 comment:

Hannah said...

The green one is so cool because it looks like mike, but I think the orange one is my favorite too :)