Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brave TV Spot Higlights Action, Humor

With exactly three months to go until Brave hits theaters, Pixar has released a brand new TV spot for their new fantasy film. Unlike the other promo that debuted during the Oscars, which pointed out some of the more emotional and heartfelt aspects of the movie, this one focuses more on the humorous, exciting, and action-packed portion of the new film.

It has about just two seconds of fresh footage in it, but it does a good job building anticipation for the film, I'd say. Check it out below.


I just love that shot of one of Merida's little brothers sneakily stealing some goodies from a platter. I can't wait to see more of these michevious triplets, they seem like awesome characters.

These TV spots show how Brave will have a lot of the aspects that Pixar's films are well known for; action, heart, and humor. A good combination of these three makes for quite a delightful film!

Brave hits theaters June 22. Only three months to go!!!

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