Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cars Land Brightens Up!

Yes, we now have even more news from Cars Land to marvel at. As the new 12-acre expansion to Disney's California Adventure finishes up construction, things are really starting to shape up and look quite spectacular. The recent addition of some neon lights makes all the difference in making Cars Land look as identical to Radiator Springs as possible. Watch the video below to see what I mean. It's almost hard to identify which town is the one from the movie and which is the real-life Cars Land version!


Cars Land opens June 15 this year! Which also happens to be the original release date for Brave, before it was moved to June 22. So it sure looks like June will be quite an exciting month!

(via PixarBlog)

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Anonymous said...

its really beautiful at night! the first time i saw cars land i hadnt seen a pixar film in years! then i watched cars and i am now obsessed with all things pixar! u hav to go 2 cars land! its the BEST!!!!!!