Sunday, February 5, 2012

Does Pixar Have A Chimp?

Lee Unkrich's Twitter display pic. He loves chimps.

If you've ever seen the bonus material for the Monsters, Inc. DVD or Blu-ray, you've probably noticed the completely random "pet" chimp walking around the Pixar studios as the filmmakers casually explain how the movie was made. This has led many people have ask themselves the very same odd question:

"Does Pixar have a pet chimpanzee?"

The answer is actually no, but they did have one for a day, and that happened to be the day they were filming the bonus features for the Monsters DVD. I remember as a little boy seeing this chimp in the background when watching the special features, and thinking to myself, "Man, It would be so cool to work at Pixar, they have a chimp!"

Why on Earth would they decide, of all things, to have a chimp casually making appearances during the bonus material of one of their films? Watch as Pete Docter, Lee Unkrich, Bob Peterson, and Darla K. Anderson explain the story behind the "Pixar" chimp.

Quite a funny story, huh? I guess it was pretty hilarious to "inexplicably" have a chimp there, put just pretend like it wasn't there. Lee's love of monkeys and chimpanzees also probably had something to do with having the little ape at the studio for a day.

This chimp, however, isn't the only ape to have worked within Pixar...

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