Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stanton and Docter Teaming Up for Short

(L-R) Pixarians Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter

Andrew Stanton, director of Pixar favorites Finding Nemo and WALL-E, has recently been working on the live-action Disney film, John Carter, in theaters March 9. This has led many to believe that, like director of The Incredibles and Ratatouille, Brad Bird,  Andrew Stanton has left the Pixar. However, he himself tweeted that he "never left Pixar" and the he "never will".

Director of Monsters, Inc. and Up, Pete Docter is currently working at Pixar directing his latest film, one that takes you "inside the human mind".

Well, how exciting is it to hear that these two geniuses are collaborating to make a new Pixar short film together? Pretty darn thrilling, right?

Here's what Mr. Stanton himself said:

Yeah. As a matter of fact I’m developing a short film with Pete Docter. There’s an idea that he and I have had for years that we are finally getting around to doing which is kind of funny. We are both way too busy, but we just love the idea of doing this one little project together and then I’ve been… I executive produce a lot of the films over there and so I spend a lot of… People keep thinking I’ve been away from there, but I actually have been on campus for the last year and a half just helping watch over other stuff, but I don’t have a feature film of my own that’s an animated Pixar film that’s coming up soon, no. That’s a ways away.

We probably won't see this short anytime soon, but at least we know it's coming, and it's very unlikely it will disappoint. How can a short film directed by Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter fail?

(via /Film)

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