Monday, February 20, 2012

New 'Brave' Character Images

I recently stumbled upon these neat little images of the main characters from Pixar's next film Brave. We get a closer look at the sons of the three Lords; Dingwall, Macintosh and MacGuffin. While we saw the young sons of the Lords briefly in the trailer, this is the first time we get to more thoroughly see them.

The images appear to be from some sort of Brave card game according to Bleeding Cool. Apart from the sons of the three Lords, there are pics of Merida (above), Merida's horse (named Angus), the Triplets, Queen Elinor, King (or Lord) Fergus, and, of course, Lords Dingwall, Macintosh, and MacGuffin. Check them out below.

See all these characters in action when Brave hits theaters on June 22 this summer! Don't miss it!

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