Monday, February 20, 2012

Next 'Brave' Trailer Arriving Thursday

Those who have recently entered the Apple Trailers website have probably seen the little box with the Brave logo on it, with the text: Change Your Fate In 3 Days.

As you may know by now, "Change Your Fate" is the official tagline for the film, but what does this countdown mean? The movie certainly isn't coming out in three days, so there can only be one explanation...

We will see the latest Brave trailer on Thursday.

I was beginning to wonder when we'd see another trailer for Pixar's first fairy tale, and then all of a sudden, here comes this Brave countdown on the Apple Trailers website.

What will we see in this new Brave trailer? It could be anything, but expect some new plot details to be revealed, as well as possibly some new characters. What you can be certain of is this:

Your mind will be blown away.

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