Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Clip from La Luna; Interview with Director!

While some have already gotten the lucky chance to see Pixar's newest short film, La Luna, at some festivals, it has not yet been released to the rest of the public, but it has already earned an Oscar nomination.

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive interview with the director of the short, Enrico Casarosa, along with an all-new never-before-seen clip from the film (watch it below). Enrico talks about his past, the production and inspiration for the short, and reveals a few cool things, like the fact that he is now working as head of story on the "Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs", and how you pitch a short film at Pixar. Be sure to read the whole interview, there's some really interesting words from the director of La Luna himself on there!

Also, the new 30-second clip is just more proof of how beautiful the short is.

La Luna will be screened in several locations around the world in the coming days, along with all the other Oscar nominated short films. It will also be attached to Brave in theaters this summer, and will likely make its home video debut with Brave as well. But whenever you get the chance, just make sure you watch La Luna!

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