Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mind-Blowing New 'Brave' Trailer!

Today's the day. The new Brave trailer has finally premiered!!!

Well, it's actually a trailer in the form of a clip, a two minute and a half clip from the film. Still, this doesn't make it less cool. Pixar has always been known to be creative in every aspect, so I guess they wanted the new trailer to be a whole scene.

Watch here:

The animation in this is gorgeous, and I am certain that Brave will follow in the tradition that each movie they make looks, from a technical standpoint, even better than the last. I've heard a lot of positive comments about Merida's hair! It is quite stunning.

As for the story, we get a closer look at a lot of these characters' personalities in this new trailer/clip. King Fergus loves to joke around with his daughter and isn't a very strict parent, unlike Queen Elinor, who gets quite angry when Merida decides to "shoot for her own hand". Merida is clearly fierce and not afraid to stand up for herself. And she is also the best archer I've ever seen.

Looks like the masterminds at Pixar are cooking up another classic animated film for us to enjoy. Don't miss Brave when it hits theaters on June 22!

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Hannah said...

Oh my gosh!!! So excited for this movie! The characters are hilarious and so well made! Exactly what I expected from Pixar and so much MORE! This movie is going to be so awesome...